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Greetings!Happy 2018 everyone!! The Hospice Walk is right around the corner, well more like a few months away, but I wanted to get a headstart. My New Year’s resolution this year was less procrastination and more organization, and since it’s still early, I am feeling hopeful about that. Last year our team, “Sindu’s Hospice Team” had 70 members, our youngest being just a wee little one who was only about 5 months old, but he was wearing a shirt and showing some support. And as you all know, the team was able to raise over $13,000. That’s really remarkable.The team consisted of both retired and current employees, along with employees who have gone on to new things, and even some families of patient’s were on this team. We were a sea of yellow coming together for the mission of hospice. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together in such a way. And I do believe we can all admit, we had a really good time together. Compassion is important to me. We get so caught up in rules and regulations, finances and all the other things that drive healthcare, understandably so, but needless to say, compassion will always be free. So that is what this team represents. I am really looking forward to the walk this year, I’d love to have people begin to sign up and start fundraising, because I certainly can not do this without all of you!Thank you all in advance. I am looking forward to seeing us all get together once again, and hopefully raise even more money this year. I have this crazy goal of $15,000, and I really do believe it’s possible together.

Our work in the community is so important, please remember how valued you all are. You make an incredible difference in the lives of those in their most vulnerable moments. That is an amazing gift we are able to offer.

Please consider walking with me to represent both the mission and compassion 🙂

♡ Sindu 



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