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The Lounge @ 117 Team will walk in honor of family members impacted by Cancer, and received services from Community Hospice. The staff at Hospice are people that work with purpose and passion. We are honored to participate in this walk to help raise funds to continue to build on the great services Community Hospice has to offer.     

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Recent Gifts

$20 from Shamika S.

$10 from William S.

$50 from Michele M.

"In memory of all of those we have lost ❤️"

$100 from Evelyn M. in memory of Gloria Meus

$25 from Darlene J. in memory of Marcus King

"Keep up the good work"

$50 from Monique K.

"Donations made by patrons of The Lounge @ 117"

$50 from Crystal K.

"Wonderful Cause"

$10 from Kathryn L.

"In honor of my Dad, William (Bud) Lloyd"

$20 from Sabrina H.

"In support of an awesome organization!"

$30 from Steffany W.

$10 from Yvonne C. in memory of Henry Cobb

$100 from Johnathan M. in memory of Gloria Meus

$20 from Shameyia B. in honor of Charles E. Foulks

"In honor of my grandfather, Charles E. Foulks, and the many inidividuals assisted by hospice."

$20 from HILARIE S.

$20 from Erik R.

$20 from Cheyanne S.

"In honor of Nana and Grandma Mary"

$25 from Celeste K.

$50 from Betty P.

$25 from Anonymous

$25 from Stacy W. in memory of Margaret Dickerson

$50 from Jennifer G.

"In memory of friends and loved ones #Mom #Thea"

$100 from Monique K.

$25 from rhonda m.

$50 from Danielle M.

$25 from Virginia H. in memory of Willa and George King

$25 from Wendy M. in memory of Mandeville Diaz

$25 from Jamie M.

$25 from Ruth M. in memory of Aunt Shirley

$25 from Mary S. in memory of Arthur Kipp

$20 from Brigitte P.

"I would like to honor my cousin Marlene Graves Nelson – she passed away March 2002. "

$25 from Kathleen C.

$25 from Tracey B.

$25 from Kim W. in memory of David Oles, Sr.

$10 from Diahann A.

$25 from Deborah V.

$20 from Tabitha H. in memory of Muffie Harting

$25 from Linda H. in memory of Shirley Messier

$50 from Anonymous

"Mary continue the good work. This a worthy cause!!"

$25 from Anonymous

$25 from Amber H.

$50 from Nancy M.

"My gift is in honor of my mother Gloria Meus. Hospice provided support to my family that could never be measured or repaid!"

$50 from Kathryn P.

"For Fred Cossart who died January 17, 2017 and Frank and Shirley Carr who both died August 2010. Thank you St. Peters Hospice."

$25 from E C.

$25 from Jennifer H.

$50 from Anonymous in recognition of Ann Genier

$25 from Damian C.

$100 from Susan L. in memory of Rosemary Gervais

$50 from Colleen D.

$50 from Bridget S. in recognition of ST PETER's HOSPICE

$50 from Bridget S. in memory of Thea Rucker

$100 from Guy B.

"Good luck Mary!"

$25 from Dan L.

"Good luck Mary! Great cause!"

$25 from Anonymous

"I am happy to support in a small way a Great cause!"

$50 from Anonymous

$20 from Laurie d. in memory of Jane MacVean

$40 from Michael G.

"Thanks for doing good in the world!!!!"

$50 from Christine R.

$50 from Mary K. in memory of Marcus King

"This donation is in memory of my son who lost his battle to bone cancer. Hospice helped my family tremendously during that time. Marcus was our Hero!"

$50 from Pamela H.

$50 from Progressive Insurance

"Good luck Monique. You are such a special person. "

$25 from Stephen C.

"Good luck with your goal! You are wonderful!!"

$20 from Michele C.

$50 from Monique K. in memory of Marcus King

"The loss of my brother was devastating. The care Hospice provided him was the BEST!! Thank you, Hospice, for EXCEPTIONAL Care! "

$50 from shelly v.

$20 from Mary K. in recognition of Marcus King

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