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$50 from Bruce C.

$50 from Shirley M.

$50 from Lucille S.

$100 from John G.

$40 from Michele P.

$20 from Wendy D.

$10 from Mary Ann R.

$150 from Patty R.

$50 from Linda O. in memory of Chaplain Andy

"Thank you Team Mazzacco and all the dedicated staff & volunteers!"

$20 from Wendy D.

"donation from Lynn Mellon"

$75 from Ann Marie M. in recognition of Ronald Fountain

$50 from Mary Lou F. in honor of Ronald Fountain

$25 from Karen T.

$200 from Anonymous

"Donations from the EVNACR Care Transitions Team"

$10 from Penelope D.

$290 from Anonymous ..

$25 from Wendy D. in memory of James Stevenson

$25 from Heather K.

$100 from Diane G. in memory of John J. Gotebiowski

$25 from Toni F.

$50 from Mary Beth F. in memory of Ronald Fountain

$100 from Jo Ann S.

$100 from Michelle M.

"In Memory of Phil Mayhew"

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