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$25 from Heather R.

$50 from Linda M.

$250 from Paul and Traci C.

"Thank you to all of our family and friends."

$20 from Mr.

$100 from Del-Sette Capital Management

$200 from Janet C.

"Len and Janet Clickman"

$25 from Marty D.

$30 from Daniel C.

$50 from Elva S.

"In memory of your mother and grandmother, Marie. Love, Aunt Elva"

$25 from Kelly V. in memory of Syl Braswell

$200 from James-Georgia R.

"God bless all of you for caring support to this cause."

$25 from Jennifer T. in memory of Wayne Salo

$25 from Mary Ellen A.

$100 from Brad and Lisa B.

"Clickman Team walks the walk !"

$250 from Daniel C.

$50 from Sandra M.

$20 from Caroline C.

$100 from Lyndsey R.

$20 from Rebecca R.

$20 from Erin L.

$20 from Wendee A.

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