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Please give in support of the Community Hospice and support the Hospice Inn team! We’re the Inn staff, friends, and families and we’re proud to support the Community Hospice. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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Recent Gifts

$25 from Dianne I.

$20 from Catherine C.

$25 from Dorothy M.

$150 from Michael B.

$10 from Tracy B.

$10 from Colletta R.

$10 from Mary D.

$20 from Alice G.

$20 from George R.

$10 from Veronica T.

$20 from Grant S.

$100 from Boght Fire Co Ladies Auxiliary

$100 from B.

$10 from Bob G.

$10 from Sam S. in memory of Nancy Linslow

$20 from Kevin T. in memory of Bill and Leona Towne

$10 from Brian C. in memory of Diane Cochran

$20 from Brett H. in memory of Henry H.

$25 from Jim W. in memory of Phil Collins

$25 from Jenny R.

$50 from Carol F.

$25 from Shana A.

"Good luck, mom!"

$50 from Timothy & Anita P.

$25 from Linda M.

$100 from Cynthia S. in memory of Daniel and Patrick Whyte

"walking for and missing you both xoxox"

$25 from Robena D.

"Way to go!!!"

$100 from Mogie K.

$25 from Julia G. in memory of Joe Pelgrin

$100 from Vincent L.

$25 from Anonymous

"Hospice is lucky to have such a nurse!"

$25 from Mrs

$50 from Valerie B.

"You are the best Buzz!"

$50 from Precision No America in recognition of Mark Altarac

$100 from mainfreight

"Thanks for all your support. Happy to return the gesture."

$100 from Anonymous

$25 from Peggy A.

$100 from Helen L.

"Since you got started late you need to walk twice as far as everyone else."

$50 from Michael K.

"Keep doing great things Buzz!"

$40 from Anonymous

"Hey Buzz – good luck on the walk. By the time you read this hopefully we’ve already spoken about it. Anyways call me."

$25 from Joan L.

"Go Team!!!"

$50 from Anonymous

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