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Please join us in our efforts to raise funds for Hospice.   This is our 15th year walking in memory of our beloved Kai who passed away in 2003.   This is our way of "paying it forward" for the wonderful support and care we received from Hospice during the most difficult and heart-wrenching time of our lives.  This is our way of keeping alive the memory of a beautiful boy who filled our lives with joy and happiness for 10 wonderful years.  Please help our team by making a donation.  Your contribution, any amount, is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support.




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Recent Gifts

$20 from Lori M.

$100 from Donald S.

$100 from Donald S.

$100 from Kimberly M.

$162 from Barbara S.

$100 from Dr. Jeffrey and Rabbi Sherre H.

$50 from Phyllis S.

$100 from Meghan Maloney and T.

$50 from Lisa W.

$75 from Erin B.

$100 from The W.

$25 from Kathy M.

$25 from Linda S.

$250 from Darlene R.

$30 from Lynn E.

"Good luck Cathy in the fund raiser and in the walk."

$50 from Ashley P.

$50 from Loren P. in memory of Kai Skaarup

$25 from Sue N.

$250 from Anonymous in memory of Kai Skaarup

$1000 from Tom G.

$35 from Marybeth L.

$150 from What's Poppin' O'Toole's Alabny in memory of Art / Kai Mancini

$100 from Anonymous in memory of Kai

$100 from Maura M.

$1000 from John K.

$50 from Toni C. in memory of Carmine Taglione

$25 from Margaret M.

$100 from Cathryn C.

$25 from Catherine P.

$25 from Linda F.

$250 from Julie R.

$100 from Michael L.

$50 from Rosemary A.

$1000 from Padma L.

$50 from Title in memory of Kai

$50 from Anonymous

$250 from Alvin T.

$300 from Scott I.

"Well done Jolie!"

$100 from Maryetta A. in recognition of Jolie Hunt

$250 from Will P.

$100 from Carol and Rafe Lissack

$1000 from Jolie H. in recognition of Kai Atticus Skaarup

"Miss and love you, Kai"

$100 from Patrick B.

$50 from Matt & Peg G.

$102 from Franco J. in memory of Kai

"Hospice work is a God-send."

$100.51 from Carl O.

"Love, Carl, Erin and Chase"

$101 from Matthew B. in memory of Kai Skaarup

$100 from lucy jo S.

"Looking forward to a hug"

$50 from Andy B. in memory of Kai Atticus Skaarup

$50 from William C.

$100 from Michael C. in memory of Kai Skaarup

"Way to go Matty, love th Carroll’s"

$50 from Constsnce S.

"I’m with you in spirit"

$150 from Anonymous in honor of Kai Atticus

$25 from Carla M.

$100 from James P.

"We're sorry we can't walk this year. GO TEAM!"

$25 from Paul & Darcy M. in memory of Kai

"In memory of Kai"

$100 from Mary ann w.

$100 from Kristen S.

$20 from Ann T. in memory of Kai

$100 from John I. in memory of Kai

$25 from Domenica C.

"Always in my heart❤️"

$20 from Kathy G. in memory of Kai

$400 from Pierrette V.

$20 from Jenny T.

$100 from Lori&Dan A. in honor of Kai Atticus Skaarup

"Kai is smiling on your Good Works in his name."

$150 from James S.

"From the CCHS class of \'65"

$50 from Lynn & Leslie F. in memory of Kai, Arturo, Jackie Skaarup, Mancini, Bogucki

"Blessed with Precious Memories!"

$100 from Hugh and Peggy Q. in memory of Kai

$50 from Lisa L.

$100 from lisa m. in memory of My Dad

$50 from Paul M. in memory of Bob Jerry

$50 from Carol S.

$50 from Michele K.

"Glad to help"

$500 from Cathy P. in memory of Kai

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