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This will be our 4th year as a team. We walk to support a mission of compassion. We walk to honor those we have had the opportunity to serve. And we walk to support our programs like the support groups, Waveriders and Camp Erin. Providing a safe place for individuals to grieve but also an opportunity to heal. Loss is difficult but it can also be a beautiful journey filled with memories of love. So please consider walking with us. All are welcome. We walk as a family and look forward to seeing everyone come together once again. 

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$25 from Julia B.

$25 from Herbert M.

$25 from Anne L.

$50 from Margaret B.

$50 from Frederick S.

$25 from Vincent A.

$100 from Terry H.

$25 from Robert B.

$50 from Julia B.

$40 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$30 from Alice B.

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$30 from Gail S.

$131 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$25 from Annette P.

$125 from kW Mission Critical Engineering

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$155 from Anonymous

$50 from 12

$100 from Tiffany S. in memory of Mom and Scott

$50 from Nathan C. in memory of Penny Green

$58 from Anonymous

$50 from Nora F. in memory of Alexander the Great Flores

$20 from Kimberly A. in memory of Colonel "Pa" Anatriello

"To all the people who have volunteered and work for Hospice, thank you!! We love you Caryn and Ethan!!"

$220 from Sue E.

"Contributions from the New Karner Rd. staff members in honor of the patients and community we serve."

$150 from Jonathan S. in memory of Charles Sterling

$50 from Sindu team in memory of Paul Ferraro

"Thank you Sindu for always organizing this"

$25 from Kirsten B.

$25 from Sindu’s Hospice TeAm

"Your such a blessing to Hospice. So thankful for you !!"

$25 from Suzanne K. in recognition of \

"You, and the work you do, are amazing."

$20 from Jennifer V.

$50 from Caryn A. in memory of Reba Paul

$20 from Patricia R. in memory of Betty Stratton

$17 from Anonymous

$100 from Nick E.

"In memory Marlyn Fitzner"

$50 from Samantha S. in honor of Marie Matson

"Thank you for all the support hospice provided to us during my sweet grandma’s last few months. We will be forever grateful"

$50 from Anonymous

$25 from Sindu B.

"Go Sindu"

$100 from Jolene C. in memory of Lillian Caresio

"Here is to TEAM SINDU!!"

$50 from Anonymous in memory of Norma & Chic Heinbach

$25 from Anonymous

$25 from Raya Ioffe in memory of Liza Ioffe

"All of our love!"

$50 from Anonymous

$50 from Dan R.

$20 from Tawnya B. in memory of Deb and Scott Smith

$100 from oliver b.

$50 from Adrian Y.

"Death is never easy and there might be some there are prepared. However, for those that are not, I'm thankful they have someone like you to guide them"

$25 from Tiffany S.

"You are amazing Sindu! ♥️"

$50 from Gail F. in memory of Charles Sterling

"We miss Dad! Thanks Linda for walking!"

$20 from Jacalyn S.

"Thank you Sindu for all that you do on behalf of Hospice!"

$100 from Ross & Shannon L. in memory of Kathleen Libbey

$100 from jean S.

$30 from Anonymous

$20 from Elizabeth M.

"Awesome work Sindu!💖"

$25 from Cisco in memory of Agatha Niki Huban

$50 from Anonymous

$20 from The R. in memory of Dad

$50 from Sara B. in memory of Bina, Pon, and Cleve

$100 from Linda L. in memory of AnnaMae Franklin

"Hospice was very caring and I knew my mother was in good hands."

$10 from Mary Colleen S. in memory of Albert Buher

"Good luck Sindu"

$25 from Anonymous

$50 from Aimee L. in memory of Ken Dennett

$25 from Cindy B. in memory of Mother Evelyn

"In memory of my Mother Evelyn"

$25 from Kathleen C.

$50 from Mr.

"For Tony and Aunt Evelyn who passed on under the watchful care of their local hospice programs."

$50 from Lillian M.

$25 from Tiffany S.

"In memory of mom and Scott."

$100 from Sue E. in memory of Jeanette Daoud

$75 from Sara B. in memory of Bina Schreiber

$25 from Domenic C.

$100 from Laura H.

$100 from Anonymous in honor of Fred

$50 from Anonymous

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