Welcome to Team The Bolander 5’s Page!

Welcome to our Team Page!  

As many of you know, we started our Hospice Team three years ago in honor of our Mom, Beverly Olander. At the time, Mom was in Hospice and receiving excellent care and support by her Hospice team. We can never repay them for all they have done. 

Sadly Mom lost her battle shortly after the Walk in 2016. We continued our team for the next two years, and through the generosity of friends, family, coworkers and strangers we raised over $20,000 over those three years. 

This past October our Dad was also admitted to Hospice. Unfortunately he was only in their care for less than a week, but as a family they were there for us during a very sad time. 

Due to my own health battle this year we will not be participating in the Hospice Walk. That being said, one of my Dad’s last wishes was to make a donation on his behalf to Hospice and to carry on our tradition. Although our Team won’t be the “traditional” team, I am creating this page for those who wish to contribute to our efforts in memory of both our Mother and our Father. 

If you would like to contribute please choose our team and then choose a member to donate to.  If you don’t choose our team the money goes to the general fund. 

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration in donating to a cause near and dear to our hearts 💕 


The Bolander 5

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Recent Gifts

$400 from Ella R.

"In memory of my amazing sisters and awesome husbands, I miss and love you ❤️"

$300 from PJ B.

$100 from Peter R.

"In memory of Bev&Joe , Pat and Keith"

$100 from Michael S.

"In memory of Grandma and Grandpa O"

$535 from Kim H.

"In memory of my loved ones"

$50 from Tori C.

"In loving memory of Nana & Papa ❤️"

$100 from Kellie H.

$50 from Kristen C.

"In memory of Grandma and Grandpa O"

$50 from Anonymous in honor of Ella Rozonewski

$100 from Joe O.

"In loving memory of mom and dad."

$100 from Jody S. in memory of Joseph& Beverly Olander

"In loving memory of Mom and Dad"

$1000 from Jody S.

"Dad\'s final wish was for me to donate $1000.00 in honor of his grandchildren and great grandchildren"

$50 from Michael W. in memory of Uncle Joe & Aunt Bev Olander

$100 from Don and Ruth S. in memory of Joe and Bev Olander

$100 from Jack and Carole S. in memory of Beverly and Joseph Olander

"In memory of Joe and Bev, who must be so proud of all their children!!!"

$200 from Deborah O. in memory of Joe Olander

"Don’t stop BElieVing!"

$1000 from Dale C. in memory of Beverly & Joseph Olander

"In loving memory of my parents. Together again at last 💕"


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