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$25 from Paula L.

$25 from Christina G.

$25 from Melissa M.

$25 from Jaime C.

$25 from Nicole P.

$20 from Lauren T.

$25 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$50 from Guy C.

$100 from Christos M.

$90 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$30 from Emily T.

$20 from Karla S.

$5 from Cristian S.

$25 from Michael S.

$20 from Tracy G.

$50 from Jon B.

$20 from Aliza W.

$25 from Megan H.

"We love you! Megan, Jay, Blake"

$20 from Jessica C.

$20 from Emily T.

$36 from Susan H.

"Your mom raised a wonderful woman. She is proud!"

$25 from Nicole G.

$25 from Mary Beth L. in honor of Emily's mom

$150 from Vicki C.

$50 from Andrew P.

$50 from Jack T.

$25 from Lous P.

$25 from Michael B.

$25 from Carl and Holly M. in memory of Carolyn Tinger

$25 from Raymona G. in memory of Carolyn

"❤️❤️Love, Love and more Love❤️❤️"

$25 from Dawn F.

"A worthwhile cause and in memory of a wonderful woman who left this earth too soon."

$100 from Bob and Donna B.

$20 from Nikki L.

"I love that you are continuing this in honor of your mom. You are a wonderful person lauren and I’m sure you have helped many!"

$20 from Laura H.

$50 from Lauren T.

$15 from PAUL L.

$25 from Carol L.

$100 from A A.

$100 from Spring mart inc

"Good job"

$100 from Linda R. in memory of Carolyn

$50 from Alex Y.

$50 from Tracey P.

$100 from Stamford Global

$25 from Mike M.


$50 from Global Partners LP

$25 from Ronald M.

$50 from WILLIAM A P. in memory of CAROLYN MARKOU

$50 from Marc D.

$500 from Anonymous


$500 from Andrew S.


$50 from Kenneth C.

"Ken & Maureen Chaisson"

$50 from Rick V. in honor of Carolyn Tinger- Van Deusen

$50 from Jennifer V. in honor of Carolyn Tinger- Van Deusen

$25 from Aja F.

$100 from Roberta B. in memory of Carolyn Van Deusen

$25 from Gail H.

$100 from Chris M.

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