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Please join us in our efforts to raise funds for Hospice.   This is our 16th year walking in memory of our beloved Kai who passed away in 2003.  Hospice was there for us during the most difficult time of our lives.   Hospice can be there for you, too.   Please help our team by making a donation.   Your contribution, no amount is too small, will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you for your support.






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Recent Gifts

$10 from Anthony R.

$100 from Cathryn C.

$25 from Phyllis S.

$100 from Barbara S.

$75 from Cathy P.

$200 from Skaarup M.

$500 from Catherine K.

$283 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$25 from John V.

$100 from Kimberly M.

$500 from Ethel G.

$100 from Michael C. in memory of Kai Atticus Skaarup

"Big hugs and lots of love to you Matty, from Michael, Melanie, Will and Charlotte!"

$500 from Nancy D.

$100 from John I. in memory of Kai

$50 from Ms. in honor of Arturo and Kai

$100 from Padma L.

$100 from Jeffrey and Sherre H. in honor of Kai Atticus

$100 from Erin Kurtz & Courtney L. in honor of Kai Atticus

$25 from Christine C.

$100 from Janet B.

$151 from Carl O.

"We have had many great conversations through the years, none better than the stories about Kai. I look forward to the next one."

$50 from Rosemary A.

$250 from Tyler and Lauren W. in honor of Kai Atticus

$30 from Anonymous

"Walk your socks off!"

$500 from The Kilroy F.

$20 from Kathy G. in memory of Kai

$30 from Darcy and Paul M. in memory of Kai

$250 from Julie & Elizabeth R.

$200 from Hope D.

$100 from Michael V. in honor of Darryl Ventura

$50 from Richard B. in memory of Kai

$500 from Thomas G.

"From Maarit and Tom"

$36 from Lisa C. in honor of Kai

$100 from Kristen S.

$1000 from Jolie H. in honor of Kai + Dad


$500 from Jacquelyn J.

"Thank you for walking for our beautiful Franco also."

$50 from MaryAnn W. in honor of Liam and Cami Shaw

$100 from Rachel S.

$20 from Fred H.

"Good luck Cathy"

$100 from Matt B. in honor of Kai Skaarup

$50 from Katherine G. in memory of Kai

$50 from Google

$50 from Lisa L.

$200 from Hugh and Peggy Q. in memory of Kai

"We wish we had known Kai- because if he was anything like his Dad he must have been very special!"

$150 from Karen H.

"We're with you in spirit 😇"

$100 from James & Domenica C.

"Very happy to donate to such a worthy cause!"

$30 from Susan K.

$75 from Lisa W.

"God bless..."

$50 from Lynn F. in memory of Kai and Arturo Skaarup and Mancini

"Lisa & Matt - We love you! - Leslie & Lynn"

$30 from Peg M.

$100 from Anna M.

$400 from Pierrette V.

$150 from Anonymous in memory of Kai Atticus

$200 from Jim S.

$100 from Lisa M. in memory of My Dad

$200 from Cathy P. in memory of Kai

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