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Grandpa’s Girls is in honor of the greatest of all time, Tom Spierto. World War II hero, proud US Postal Carrier, and baseball legend, Gramps was the epicenter of his community, and his girls’ world. Hospice services gave him everything he needed for peace at home. We are forever grateful for the incredible supportive hospice staff. 


Marching for Mag, is a memorial to Peggy Mink. The world was blessed with her infectious smile and laughter for not nearly long enough, but we are thankful for every moment we had. The staff at the Hospice Inn at St. Peter’s once again had this family grateful for the kindness and compassion of these professionals. 


Hospice makes a tremendous difference in the lives of loved ones and their families. We know that first hand. Please help us support these important programs. 




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Recent Gifts

$40 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$100 from Rosemary B.

$250 from Schodack Town Police Benevolent Assn

$25 from Bethany S.

$50 from Laurie W.

$50 from Mary P.

$25 from Maryanna L.

$20 from Hospice Walk 2019 Various Donors'

$25 from Anonymous

"March extra hard on all the spiders!"

$25 from D G. in memory of YJG

$50 from Susan L. in memory of Jason Leader

"Our loved ones who are no longer with us on earth, remain with us in our hearts."

$100 from Anne Marie M.

"With memories of 2 amazing people - my dad and peg!"

$50 from Julianne M.

"Deepest gratitude for support then and now. Thank you friends, family, &Schodack PBA- these cash donations made the goal!"

$50 from Danielle M.

"My favorite guardian angels, you guide each step I take."

$50 from Mary Beth L. in honor of Grandpa and Aunt Peg

$50 from Dan H.

$100 from Little Wonders Early Childhood Enrichment Center Inc. in honor of Poppy Fred Johnson

$20 from Jeff and Millie M.

$25 from Marianne N. in recognition of Gramps

$20 from Anthony M. in recognition of Gramps

$50 from Larry and Nicole P.

"Leyroy and VJ we miss you dearly!!!!"

$50 from Lara M. in memory of Tom Spierto

$25 from Christine C.


$50 from Matt M.

$20 from Grandma Betty M.

$100 from Mueller’s Custom Carpentry

$20 from Tom M.

"God bless Tom and Peg"

$50 from James & Daniel B.

"Go for it!"

$100 from Kathy N. in memory of Tom, Peggy and Mom

$50 from Eugene W.

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