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Hi Everyone! We are looking forward to the 2020 Walk 4 hospice event this year! Our team was created in honor of Diana J. Orologio, wife, mother, Grandmother, cousin, Aunt and friend to many. Diane passed away on July 27, 2017 from pancreatic Cancer. Diana was the most caring and giving person, always putting others’ needs before her own. This day is a day for her family and friends to celebrate her life and her legacy. It is a day for everyone to walk together and to celebrate the life of aloved who is still fighting, or a loved one who has passed on. 

In 2017, during the time of my grandmothers illness, The Community Hospice of Saratoga was such an amazing resource for our family. We will be forever grateful to this organization, not only for the quality care they provided but also for the sense of ease they gave us all as they helped us through the final days of Grammy O’s life. Snow White and the Seven O’s is our way of coming together to celebrate my grandmothers life. At the same time this event allows us to give back to this great organization by walking to help raise money to support them as they continue to help other families navigate these difficult times.

As we take our first steps this year I know she will be there shining down on us. 





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$20 from Jean O.

$70 from Denise O.

$15 from Amanda M. in memory of Diane O

$100 from Mary Jo M.

$50 from Namath & Poppy H.

$25 from tom o.

$25 from Elizabeth K. in memory of Eleanor Krizar

$15 from Melissa F.

$20 from Bill P. in recognition of Tory

$50 from Cynthia H. in honor of Diana Orologio

"Love from.cindy, Jeff,Jennifer,Angela and melissa"

$100 from Anonymous

$5 from Cameron T. in memory of Grammy Didi

$5 from Jordyn C. in memory of Grammy Didi

$25 from Audrey C.

$50 from John and Tressy F. in honor of Diana Orologio

$25 from Nicole O.


$100 from Michael Desmond

$25 from 1964

"In loving Memory of my Mom and Best Friend😘"

$25 from Meagan O.

$25 from Tory P.

"I love Didi so much and I miss her so much!"

$25 from Casey H.

"Diane was my son’s Great-Grandmother and he absolutely adored her! She was a wonderful woman & one heck of a cook!! We miss her!!<3"

$50 from Cynthia M.

$50 from Sherry P. in honor of Diana Orologio

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