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Welcome to the Bolander 5 fundraising page ~ we hope you are staying safe and well.

This year the Bolander 5 team is raising money for The Community Hospice in memory of Bev and Joe Olander, and Keith and Pat Hansen. Funds raised will be dedicated to one of our beloved team leaders Dale Lisa, who passed away this past August.

Thank you in advance for any contributions made to our team. 






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Recent Gifts

$50 from Joanne B.

$25 from Sheri F. in memory of Patty Farrell

$150 from Joe O.

"I Love you Mama, Dad and Dale."

$150 from Nicole O.

"Mom, Dad, and my Sister Dale Lisa Team Captain I Love and miss you all everyday"

$20 from Patricia C. in honor of Ella Rozonewski

$50 from Deb O. in memory of Olander Family members

"Peace, strength, love"

$200 from Christopher C.

"In memory of Beverly and Joseph Olander and Bolander5 Team Captain Dale Olander Coronato"

$25 from Elizabeth T.

"To my favorite boss💕"

$50 from David W.

$50 from Aislyn C.

"In honor of the efforts of Dale Coronato as the leader of this team to honor Beverly and Joseph Olander."

$20 from Michelle A.


$100 from Sandy D.

$200 from Richard M. in memory of Keith / Pat Hansen

$100 from Peter R.

$10 from Hannah C. in recognition of Ella Rozonewski

"Love you Ella!"

$50 from Michael & Amy W. in honor of Ella & Family

"Good luck with your fundraising!"

$50 from Anonymous in honor of Ella Rozonewski

"In honor of the woman who gives SO VERY MUCH to others."

$10 from Sydney C.

$20 from Alexis C. in memory of Bev and Joe Olander

"In honor of Dale Lisa"

$75 from Karen C. in memory of Mom, Dad, and Sissy Dale

"Mom, Dad, and Dale... We love and miss you all, every minute of every day💕"

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