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This is Circle K’s Walk for Hospice Page!

If you are a member of Circle K International please join this team and help us reach our fundraising goal.

One of our members Haleigh lost her father at the beginning of 2018 and Hospice was a great support system for her and her family.

Please join us in this virtual walk to support Hospice and the work they continue to do.





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Recent Gifts

$25 from Haleigh G.

$50 from Doreen M.

$10 from Habbygahelle U.

$10 from Kat S.

$10 from Circle K

$25 from Dylan G.

$25 from Deborah G.

$5 from Preston P.

$40 from Amy G.

"We love you Haleigh!"

$25 from Cassie W.

$25 from Maddie G.

Fundraising Goal

Goal: $200
Raised: $250

Progress 100%

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