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Michele worked for St. Peter’s Commuinity Hospice  in Catskill, New York for over ten years, serving as an administrative assistant and retiring as Director of Volunteer Services. Over her years of employment she made many wonderful friends. Michele took pride in her work at Community Hospice, wanting to help her coworkers, volunteers and families. Michele retired from Commuinity Hospice in 2019 to fight her cancer diagnosis and spend time with her family that she loved so much. At the end of her illness, the dedicated and compassionate staff at Commuinity Hospice Castkill gave Michele the opportunity to spend time with her family. They treated her and her family with overwhelming compassion, dignity and respect. Please join the family in this virtual walk in memory of Michele and/or consider donating to an outstanding organization. 


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$40 from Ian G. in honor of Michele Reilly

$10 from Thea H.

$20 from Phil D.

$10 from John S.

$20 from Kunal/Ruchi P. in honor of Michele Reilly

$30 from Todd L.

$40 from Amanda S.

$20 from Teller W.

"She loved you Megs and is so very proud !! ♥️♥️"

$50 from Maria G. in honor of Michele Reilly

"In honor of your wonderful grandmother."

$50 from Kelly K.

"Michele will forever be in my heart ❤️"

$20 from Nick M. in honor of Michele Reilly

$50 from Sara T.

$15 from Maribeth D.

$50 from ann a. in honor of Michele Reilly

$25 from Leslie T. in memory of Linda Saulpaugh

$80 from Bailey K.

"Will forever cherish my memories with you♥️ and promise Meg and I will always keep each other smiling and laughing. Love, Bailey and Logan"

$50 from Heidi C.

"So lucky to have known Michele in my life. She is forever missed ❤️"

$100 from Kevin R.

$100 from Bob and Laraine M. in memory of Michele Reilly

"When we think of Michele we remember the happy times our families shared together. The memories will live on forever."

$25 from Betsy H. in recognition of Michele Reilly

$50 from Becky E. in memory of Michele Reilly

"Michele treated us like family and she is missed. ❤️"

$100 from Kathy B.

"Love you Aunt Michele"

$100 from Chris M.

$25 from Maureen and Dan C. in memory of Michele Reilly

"She was a wonderful, gracious woman. M"

$25 from Kathleen M. in memory of Michele Reilly

$100 from Karen L.

"Such a special lady! We love & miss Aunt Michele every day. ❤️"

$100 from Eugene R. in memory of Michele Reilly

"A loving , caring person who was more a 'sister' than sister-in-law."

$50 from Connor M.

$100 from Mark, Erin, Elise and Thomas


$100 from Teresa + Ken R. in memory of Michele Reilly

"Aunt Michele was a very special person; warm, welcoming and loving. Our bond will never be broken. xoxo"

$20 from Tera S.

$25 from Corinne C.

$25 from Andrea C.

$100 from Jean C. in honor of Meg’s Grandmother, Michele

$25 from Hannah S.

$100 from Christine M.

$50 from Anonymous in memory of Michele Reilly

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