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Please join us in our efforts to raise funds for Hospice. This is our 19th year walking in memory of our beloved Kai who passed away in 2003 at the age of 10.  Hospice was there for us during the most difficult time in our lives. Hospice can be there for you too. Please help our team by making a donation.  Your contribution, no amount is too small, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.  


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Recent Gifts

$100 from WILLIAM C.

"Great job Doctor"

$100 from John L.

"Lots of love for you, Matthew. The Lefner Family"

$25 from Sue N.

$100 from Erin B. in memory of Kai

"Matt, so happy to support you, my friend!"

$100 from Claire & James C.

"Thinking of Kai & your family xx"

$25 from Amy K.

$100 from Diane L.

"Sending love to your Angel ❤️❤️"

$50 from Rebecca A.

"Big hugs 💙💙"

$150 from Karen H.

"So happy to help you as you you help so many others!🥰"

$30 from Louie and Judy G. in memory of Kai Skaarup

"In Memory of a Beautiful Boy, Kai Atticus Skaarup"

$100 from Christine C.

$250 from ALVIN T. in honor of Kai Atticus

"From Al & Ethel, with love for the Hunt family"

$300 from Jacquelyn J.

"Sending love to Kai’s Krew💜"

$200 from Rich and Mary Ann W.

"In memory of Kai"

$100 from Lori A. in memory of Kai Atticus

"And memory of Karl Abrams"

$100 from Carl O. in memory of Kai

"Love Austin, Chase, Erin and Carl"

$100 from Rachel S.


$100 from The Galatie’s

"For Kai!"

$300 from Padma L.

$100 from Trevor M.

$50 from Katherine G. in memory of Kai

$200 from Amy C.

$500 from Scott I.

$250 from Will P.

$50 from Tony M.

$250 from Richard & Natasha K.

$250 from Wenig

$50 from James P. in memory of Kai Skaarup

$50 from Deborah N.

$250 from Michael V.

$250 from John R.

$250 from Tyler W.

$1,000 from Jolie H. in honor of Kai Atticus And my Dad

$50 from Michael C. in memory of Kai Skaarup

"Love Is Eternal, Love Never Dies"

$25 from Carla C.

$50 from Lynn F. in memory of Kai Skaarup

"In loving memory of Kai, Arturo Mancini and Peggy Foley"

$100 from Anonymous in honor of Kai Atticus

$100 from Donald S.

$100 from Barbara S.

$100 from Maureen D. in memory of Kai

$100 from John I.

$100 from Kristen S.

$400 from pierrette v.

$50 from Lisa/Anthony G.

$100 from Margaret and Hugh Q. in memory of Kai

"In memory of Kai and Lisa's Dad"

$100 from Lisa M. in memory of My Dad

$25 from Kathleen R.

$250 from James S.

"If ever angels exist, they surely are working with Hospice."

$400 from Cathy P. in memory of Kai

Fundraising Goal

Goal: $3,000
Raised: $7,880

Progress 100%

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