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I am walking in memory of my Dad who passed away 2 years ago. There are not too many hours in a day that go by that I don’t think of my Dad’s dry sense of humor, deep laugh, and his ability to offer sound advice without passing judgement.

Although there is a lot of sadness associated with losing my Dad, Hospice was able to provide an invaluable support to my family for which I am eternally grateful.

Last year, we raised $1,000 and I hope to raise that much and a little more this year.

Hospice is an amazing organization that works with families during their most difficult times.  Please consider donating even just a few dollars.

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$250 from Justin C.

$25 from Lori A. in memory of Bob Adams

"I will join you next year my friend!"

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$25 from Sarah T. in memory of Andrew and Ward May

"In loving memory of my father and brother."

$25 from Jennifer S.


$50 from Nicole C.

$10 from Cathy N. in memory of My Nonno.❤️

$20 from Ryan H. in memory of Jack Ruuska

$20 from Bobbi M.

"Thank you for doing what you do ♥️"

$50 from MARTHA F.

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$25 from Betsy G. in honor of Jane "Meme" Graham


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$100 from Matt J.

$50 from Jaclyn G. in memory of Audrey Bourgeois

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