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The Community Hospice is the leading health provider in our community to offer care and support to patients, as well as dedicating staff, chaplains, social workers and volunteers to assist families in need.  The programs at Hospice go a long way in offering peace of mind, hope and comfort.  

I have personally experienced the great work that Community Hospice and their volunteers provide when my father was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away.  Community Hospice was there to help provide quality of living and comfort for my father as his health deteriorated, greatly improving the time we had together at the end. 

To support the thousands of patients and families who rely upon The Community Hospice, I’m participating in the Walk for Hospice on June 1st to raise funds and awareness.  I plan to raise at least $7,000.00 to support The Community Hospice, which provides 24/7 medical care, grief support, support groups just for kids, memorial services, information and referrals to our community – all at no cost.  Hospice never says "NO," and they never turn anyone away regardless of their ability to pay. Now I am asking you to do the same – Please do not say no.When you agree to help me raise money, you are helping so many people. Every donation counts, every donation makes a difference. Help me spread the word, if you know someone who would also like to support Hospice, feel free to forward this letter or send me their name, address and email.

Thank you very much for your generosity for this great cause.


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