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I’m not able to walk this year due to prior commitment. I would like to raise money for Hospice so they can continue to help others as they have helped my Mom. 

Please join me in my efforts to support The Community Hospice!

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


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$20 from Barbara N.

$25 from Marianne G.

$25 from Dana P. in memory of Helen Walas

$25 from Evelyn L.

$5 from Victoria L.

$20 from Victoria L.

$3000 from Anonymous

$2904.1 from OPFC S.

$2380.67 from OFPC S. in recognition of Pearl Perrier

$200 from Benjamin W. in memory of Jean Wheeler

"For my mother who I miss everyday."

$50 from Paul T.

$200 from Lynda M. in memory of Victoria Perrier

$50 from William M.

$100 from NANCY M. in memory of PARENTS

$20 from Robert C.

$75 from Michelle M.

$20 from Agatha P.

$207.15 from Pearl P.

$100 from Pearl P.

$50 from Pearl P.

$100 from Lorraine D.

$150 from Pearl P.

$25 from Karen B.

$20 from Helen T.

$15 from Lynda B.

$20 from Mark A.

$30 from Lorraine P.

$100 from Cohoes Columbiettes #192

$25 from Donna K.

$20 from Sandi P.

$25 from Joan F.

$20 from Amy H.

$50 from Evelyn D.

$100 from St. Anne's Society

$10 from Josephine R.

$100 from Cohoes Knights of Columbus #192

$10 from Marjorie L.

$10 from Sandra L.

$10 from Peg N.

$20 from Marion G.

$25 from Catherine F.

$30 from Mary J.

$25 from Laurette D.

$25 from Jacqueline B.

$20 from Mary M. in memory of Darlene Nielsen

$20 from Mary M. in memory of James Matwa

$50.08 from Nicholas M. in memory of Memere V Perrier

"Our memories of you are still alive and well. Thoughts and prayers each and every day."

$50 from Peter F. in recognition of Pearl Perrier

$25 from Mr.

$50 from Irene C. in memory of Amy Cremisio-Lindemann

$50 from Anonymous

$50 from Linda C. in recognition of Pearl Perrier

"Wishing you the best in reaching your goal. You are doing a fantastic job!"

$25 from leslie d. in memory of Louise Gabel

$100 from Kathleen W. in recognition of Pearl Perrier

$1000 from Kenneth P. in memory of My mom Victoria Perrier and brothers-in-law Ronald Muscatiello & Anthony Ragone

"Pearl, Keep up the good work you been doing all these years!"

$50 from Nancy F. in memory of Memer

$200 from Joyce R.

"In memory of Tony the love of my life and my mother miss her every day"

$25 from Kathleen S.

$200 from Pearl P. in memory of My Mom, Vickie

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