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Hey peeps… So I’m doing @TheCommunityHospice walk… Can you spare a few bucks?

Here’s my story… I went to massage therapy school with the intention of specializing in hospice care… I immediately met that goal and was hired as a massage therapist after volunteering a short time. I loved every minute of it but was also building my own practice at the same time. My practice took off and I opted to leave hospice in hopes to return again in the future…. 💙

Two years ago (10/24/18) my father was brought home on hospice… I was so happy to know that he would be cared for by the most incredible people with the biggest hearts. Palliative care and end of life care. Fast forward…

My father graduated off hospice last year July 19th… Yes graduated… He had gotten "better" and was able to come off hospice care at home. We were so thankful for everything The Community Hospice did for our family. Doctor’s, Nurse’s, Social Workers, Pastoral Care, and many other amenities… They helped make life’s transition so much easier… It also helped we ended up knowing the godsend of a Nurse Bonnie. 💙💙

So many people have a misconception about Hospice. It is Palliative Care and End of Living. You can actually get better and graduate from Hospice. They do so much to keep you going and comfortable. It is such a demanding job and they are so short-staffed…

Please… Consider donating… This service is truly priceless ❤️ Thank you @TheCommunityHospice


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"Hospice is a godsend. Without them and our great nurse Bonnie we would have had a totally different outcome. Thank God for Hospice!"

$250 from Michael H.

"Without Hospice I wouldn't have made it."

$50 from Shannon O. in honor of Theodosia Ostmeier

"My Mom's last year was celebrated with joy, honor, dignity, and love under their care. They were truly the Angels my family needed to get through her"

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"Thanks for your story and help."

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"For Dad and all my patients. 💙"

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