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My Mom, Vickie was on Hospice 14 years ago. Please support me and the great works that Hospice does. They can reach out to many families with their programs that they have with dealing with the loss of a loved one with the money that is raised. 

Please support me on raising money for the Virtual Walk for Hospice.

Thank you for your support! 


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$1,000 from Pearl P. in memory of Mom, Ron and Tony

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$177 from Pearl P.

$1,000 from Anonymous in memory of Kenneth Perrier

"For all the good works that you do!"

$200 from Benjamin W. in memory of Jean Wheeler

"Miss you Mom."

$880 from Pearl P.

"For all the good works that Hospice does..."

$68 from Anonymous

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"Thank you for all you do Pearl!"

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$25 from Lorraine P.

$50 from Nicholas M. in memory of Memer Perrier

"God Bless...Stay Safe"

$200 from Lynda M. in memory of Victoria Perrier

"My mother was so blessed to be a part of Hospice during her final hours"

$25 from Richard D.

$25 from Veronica F.

$25 from Victoria L.

$20 from Sandra L.

$25 from Paul T.

$100 from Kathleen W. in honor of Pearl Perrier

$25 from Jacqueline B.

$25 from Donna and Don K.

$10 from Margaret N.

$100 from Tina H. in memory of Memere Dad Uncle Tony

"In memory of Memere, Dad, and Uncle Tony and in honor of you Aunt Pearl for your continued dedication!!"

$35 from Seth E.

$25 from Catherine F. in memory of Don Fortin

$50 from Paul T.

$25 from Marilyn C.

$50 from Irene C. in memory of Amy Lindemann

$25 from Dana & Dominick P. in memory of Helen Walas

$1,000 from Kenneth D. P. in memory of My mother and brother-in-laws Ron and Tony

$10 from Mary J.

$20 from Sandra M.

"Thank you Pearl for all of you hard work and effort."

$100 from NANCY M. in memory of My Parents

$200 from Joyce R.

"In memory of Tony the love of my life and my mother and brother-in-law I miss them every day hugs and kisses"

$50 from Linda C.

"In memory of my Mom, Katharina and Pearl’s Mom,Vickie. My Mom was on hospice also"

$100 from Nancy F. in memory of Memere

$25 from Gail S. in recognition of Joyce Jones

"Keep Joyce in your prayers"

$25 from Agatha P. in memory of Anne Marie Nadeau

"Always happy to help Pearl"

$200 from Pearl P. in memory of My Mom, Vickie

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