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As you may know, my grandparents both passed within six months of each other this year. They were both put on comfort care for a very short time, but it is an incredibly important service. If you can, please donate. Any little bit helps. 



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Recent Gifts

$50 from Jodi R.

$15 from Erin S.

$25 from Sandra H.

"Such a good cause, they were wonderful with my mother as well. Happy to help."

$75 from Mary R.

"The love of grandparents is so very special so let's hit $1000.00!"

$25 from Barb B.

$60 from Michelle G.

"We all miss you Grandma and Grandpa J"

$100 from Dana J.

"Love you mom and dad miss u everyday"

$25 from Christine W.

$50 from Emily H.

$50 from Andrea B.

$50 from Suzanne Kiese in memory of Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins

$20 from Danielle L. in memory of Christine DiCerce

$50 from Taylor and Megan J.

"I love you this is well deserved and needed amazing cause ❤️"

$20 from Lisa S.

"In memory of your grandparents"

$50 from Nicole C.

"Much love to you and your family. ❤️"

$50 from Jackie H.

"For Danielle's grandparents. May they rest in peace."

$25 from Domenica H. in recognition of Danielle Hall

"Glad to be able to contribute in honor of your grandparents' memory."

$25 from Kristina S.

"Here’s to hope. Xo"


"In Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob's memory❤"

$25 from Victoria S.

$25 from Mary C. in memory of Dottie & Bob Jenkins

$25 from Karri H.

"They were two of the best! Forever in our hearts. ❤️"

$50 from Theresa A.

"In memory of your grandparents.. their legacy is the beautiful person that is my friend Danielle."

$50 from Shannon P. in memory of Sandy Judd

$100 from Katie S.

$50 from Danielle H. in memory of Dottie and Bob Jenkins

Fundraising Goal

Goal: $200
Raised: $1,115

Progress 100%

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