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Dear Friends and Family,

June 13th marks 5 years of my life without Pat.  Alison and I will be together in the Finger Lakes of NY, a place close to nature that Pat would have loved.  Our plan is to spend a week together and swim, kayak, hike, taste NY wines, and raise a glass or two to Pat.  On the 12th, we will be participating in the Walk for Hospice.

Now that I am in Upstate NY, helping to care for Mom (she’s 98 and still beating me in gin and finishing the crossword puzzle each day!), our family has turned to Hospice again.  They are part of the team that will help us keep Mom home, enjoying her daily routine in the house she and Dad built in ’55, watching the birds in the backyard, and rooting for the Yankees.

Hospice has helped me over my biggest hurdles and I will be forever grateful for the caring support I’ve received over the years.  I want to help them raise funds to continue their important work and hope you’ll consider making a donation as well. I can assure you that Community Hospice will put the funds to good use.


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Recent Gifts

$50 from Suzan S.

$100 from amanda & dan d.

$100 from Jack M.

"Will be thinking of you on your walk!"

$100 from Elona C. in memory of Pat and Mike

$100 from Josie M.

"Sending love to Mary Ann and Ali."

$20 from Raymond L.

$100 from Timothy R.

$50 from John G.

$150 from Bonnie L. in memory of Patrick Mahoney

"For Pat’s memory and every hospice Angel."

$100 from Leonard F.

$50 from Katherine D.

$100 from William R.

$100 from Tom and Sandy K.

$100 from richard b. in memory of Mary Lou Holcombe

$200 from Diane B. in memory of Patrick Mahoney

$50 from David T.

"Glad to support you MAM!!!"

$100 from Antoinette M.

$60 from Carol & Joseph D.

$50 from Marek W.

"Keep walking , as I do here in Connecticut."

$100 from Evelyn & Evy S.

$50 from Eric K.

$50 from Karen and Richard W. in memory of Pat M

$100 from Mary Ann M.

"In loving memory of Pat, and all my family and friends on the other side."

Fundraising Goal

Goal: $500
Raised: $1,980

Progress 100%

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