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I’ve been walking with Kai’s Krew for twelve years.  We’ve raised over $136,000 thousand dollars over the last 19 years to support the local hospice and their program.  Hospice supported Matt and his family during the loss of his son, Kai.  Community hospice was there for my family when my father came home from the hospital to pass.  Hospice had a bed waiting for him in the livingroom so he could pass peacefully at home surrounded by his family.  Please consider making a donation to support this great cause.

The Community Hospice is the leading health provider in our community to offer care and support to patients, as well as a dedicated staff, chaplains, social workers and volunteers to assist families in need.  The programs at Hospice go a long way in offering peace of mind, hope, and comfort.

I plan to raise $1500 to support The Community Hospice, which provides 24/7 medical care, grief support, support groups just for kids, memorial services, information and referrals to our community- all at no cost.  Hospice NEVER says "NO," and they never turn anyone away regardless of their abilty to pay.

Thank you. I am grateful for your generosity.

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